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for Microsoft Outlook 2000

The world’s first Virtual Office Assistant, designed for users of Microsoft Outlook 2000.

CyberSecretary works with Outlook e-mail, contacts, appointments, journal and more. Your CyberSecretary can announce incoming mail; print and file outgoing mail and set follow-up reminders; announce appointments; record phone messages; track expenses; and more.

If you have an Internet connection, your CyberSecretary can get stock prices and street maps. Launch programs, documents or web sites on demand or on schedule.  Your Word and Excel macros can even use your CyberSecretary to make tough tasks trivial.

Your CyberSecretary puts the *personal* in *personal information manager,* and the *face* in *user interface.*

Requires Visual Basic 6 runtime (MSVBVM60.DLL) and Microsoft Outlook 2000.


Object Library

Developers can now write their own applications which use the CyberSecretary user interface!  The CyberSecretary Object Library is easily programmed using Visual Basic, VBA, and other applications that support ActiveX technology.  Provides the following features:

  • A customizable dialog box featuring buttons, a drop-down list, an edit box, display of messages, even a progress bar.
  • A library of over 40 speech and sound effects, over 200 icons, and 7 facial expressions.
  • Easy access to functions that would otherwise require API programming, such as common dialogs, shell functions, reading/writing the Registry and INI files, and accessing Internet pages.
  • Support for passwords and user registration.




Lock & Key

PGP Windows Interface

Lock & Key seamlessly integrates PGP (DOS versions 2.6.x) into the Windows Explorer.  Right-click to encrypt any file.  Double-click to decrypt an encrypted file, print it, or view it using QuickView.  Encrypt/decrypt to and from the clipboard.  Supports RSA and conventional encryption and cleartext digital signatures.  Manages PGP keyrings.


Visual Basic
Ecco Toolkit

Developing applications using Ecco Pro is a sometimes daunting task that requires formatting command strings to interact with Ecco’s DDE-based interface.  The Visual Basic Ecco Toolkit makes application development a snap by wrapping Ecco Pro’s DDE API within a convenient object-oriented structure.  Reading/writing Ecco data becomes as simple as defining items and folders as objects, and reading or setting their properties.  Visual Basic Ecco Toolkit has been acclaimed as a “must have" tool for those wishing to develop applications for Ecco Pro. NEW!  The Visual Basic Ecco Toolkit is now an ActiveX component that can be used by any programming or scripting language that supports ActiveX and COM automation!  




for Microsoft Outlook

The acclaimed data extraction utility is now available for Microsoft Outlook!  With ClipForm, you can easily extract any Microsoft Outlook data to a file, the clipboard, or a mail message.  You can easily create web pages (even HTML mail messages!) on-the-fly from Microsoft Outlook data.




for Ecco Professional

The acclaimed suite of utilities for use with NetManage Ecco Professional, includes: 

CLIPFORM – Extract and format information from Ecco files using flexible, user-defined templates.

EDITNOTE – Conveniently attach free-form text notes to Ecco items, and display them as an on-screen index card.

BIRTHDAY – Use Ecco to manage birthday lists.

LAUNCHER – Launch files attached to Ecco items.

ORPHAN – Find and remove “orphan" items (items not contained in any folder) from Ecco data files.




for Ecco Professional

A set of tools for managing dates and times in Ecco Professional: 

TIMELINE – Manage related dates for Ecco items – more flexible and powerful than Ecco’s built-in related date feature.

ADDEVENT – Quickly add an appointment item and attach it to a phone book entry.

ADDITEM – Add a new item to the“Due Dates" or“To-Do" folder, specifying a due date.

DONEITEM – Add a new item to the“Done" folder..

DIARY – Set follow-up reminders for Ecco items.

STOPWATCH – Measure the time or days it takes to complete a task, and calculate total time or days.


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